Nuke TD

Department: Pipeline/Compositing
Facility: Toronto
Date(s): ASAP

Duties & Responsibilities:
• Provide support to the compositing and prep departments
• Create global and show based scripts and tools
• Support for shot based issues together with leads and supervisors
• Communicate technical issues to IT or Pipeline
• Work on road map for future pipeline
• Do code reviews and give productive feedback to team members.
• Submit your own code for code reviews.

Job Qualifications:
Minimum qualifications:
• 2+ years experience as a Comp/Nuke TD in the VFX industry
• 2+ years experience with Python
• Extensive knowledge of Nuke
• Strong familiarity with Nuke's Python API and writing Gizmos
• Knowledge of the overall VFX pipeline
• Experience with Windows and Linux
• Familiarity with TCL

Desired qualifications:
• UI development using PySide / PyQt
• Experience with Regular Expressions
• Experience with BlinkScript
• Reasonably comfortable with Shotgun and Deadline API
• Experience as a compositing artist

To Apply for this Position:

Please send an email to with your current resume, a link to your demo reel and rate.
Or apply online here: Apply Online

Company Requirements:

PIXOMONDO is an international visual effects company with a global network. We are recruiting for key positions in our Toronto office, where we would like to welcome anyone with the right experience to work in a fresh and international environment.

Good Judgement.
You know what to do. And you know what you need to do now and what you can do later. You know if it needs a bandage or a cure. And you know what’s going to happen after you’re done with it.

Creativity and Curiosity.
You’re smart, but flexible. You’re open to considering the other perspective, and sometimes you have the responsibility to come up with it. You don’t just “do your thing”. You’re interested in how other people are doing “their things” too, and how all of those “things” can be done better.

You understand the people you work with are as important as you, and believe that what’s good for the company and good for the project, are likely what’s good for you too. You listen to what other people are saying and understand it. You can communicate well with others in writing and in person because you know you’re not alone.

Courage, Passion, and Honesty.
You don’t do something wrong simply because you “were told to” and aren’t afraid to speak up respectfully when it’s important. We want everything to be the best it can be, and you do too. You take risks and responsibility in proportional measure, and you’re reliable. When you say it’ll be done, it gets done, and when you said it would.