EMC2  | A 360° Immersive Dome Film

  • We tilt back slightly in our seats and watch as billions of stars within the Milky Way fade up, surrounding us in their brilliance.
  • As our camera pans down, streams of data-like energy streak from the heavens, leading us to our motorcycle rider… who accelerates between lines of pulsing data towards the cliff edge.
  • We rocket off its edge, plunging downward, as our motorcycle falls away, replaced by the cockpit of a futuristic flight vehicle. We streak downward, following streams of data, bursting through clouds above a neon-like city where, just before crashing, we level out and speed forward over its reflective streets.
  • We fly now through our futuristic city, a metaphor for the world of EMC2 Cloud Data: between glowing structures, under bridges, and through tunnels, following the data streams as our Heads Up Display monitors the threats of intruders into our world of private data.
  • As our Cloud defenses identify threats within our data filled environment, we maneuver our flight vehicle to neutralize the threats and maintain our path of trusted security. Flying out of a massive matrix of secured data…
  • … we return home, our futuristic flight pod landing on the moonlit desert where we started, surround by star-filled heavens.

A Visual Metaphor of EMC2’s Data Cloud

Played at the Bellagio Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Pixomondo creative team collaborated with the Vortex Immersion and EMC2 management teams in creating the concepts, structure and script for the film. Due to the extremely tight production schedule of three weeks, Pixomondo’s artists moved directly into the creation of animation and effects tests, which developed the concepts as they evolved into a rough previz. Production followed on the heels of the previz with voice over talent and an original score being added in post.