an international creative design and visual effects studio

Founded in 2001 by CEO and Executive Producer Thilo Kuther, Pixomondo is a solutions-oriented design company that solves creative challenges for our clients and partners. Whether we are crafting never-before-seen visual effects for a feature film or developing innovative original concepts for a global marketing campaign, we leverage our collaborative design process to develop truly award winning work.

Our passion is to deliver the best ideas at the highest levels of quality on-time and on-budget, with the outstanding service you expect from a world-class company.

We collaborate to develop and produce stunning visual effects and innovative entertainment experiences for our clients around the world. We’ve won an Academy Award®, four Emmy® Awards and a number of VES Awards for our work.

While we are widely known for our award-winning visual effects work, Pixomondo maintains a diversified portfolio of business activities which include corporate communication, interactive digital content, live events, theme park entertainment experiences and original IP.



With offices in three different continents, each Pixomondo branch offers different specialties and experiences. This not only allows us to access the best local talent across the globe, but also allows us to provide an effective 24/7 pipeline.

Tools and Logistics

We are not just a creative company – we also have an emphasis on technology.
With a global pipeline and secure VPN, our IT department has your needs covered.


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24/7 Monitoring / Render Wrangling

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Secure VPN Connections

Global Rendering

20,000 Core Renderfarms


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