Pixomondo Beijing has witnessed six years of growth in the local film industry. During the past few years, we have been working closely with directors and producers to contribute creative ideas and solutions.

Think global, act local. Pixomondo Beijing continues to move forward and grow with Chinese filmmakers.

Miguel De Los Rios

“Working abroad at Pixomondo Beijing has been one of the highlights of my past couple of years. Beijing is a vibrant and dynamic city that presents a wide variety of cultural opportunities, and has surpassed all my expectations. Moreover, the team at Pixomondo Beijing has become almost like a family away from home for me. Consisting of a balanced and unique mix between widely experienced expats and extremely talented locals, they all have been very welcoming and have always made me feel at home. I am definitely looking forward to my next project over there.”

Danni Sappa

“Working at Pixomondo Beijing was a wonderful experience and I am very happy to have taken on this adventure. Besides having the opportunity to work and become friends with a lot of local and international artists, I also had the pleasure to explore Beijing and it’s surroundings. A City that never sleeps and that will surprise anyone. “

Samir Ansari

“Beijing itself is a wonderful mix of vibrant night life with amazing historical and culturally significant sites with plenty to see and do. I found the locals in the city to be warm, welcoming and very helpful during my stay. Working at Pixomondo Beijing was a very rewarding experience for me as it brought with it challenges which I felt sharpened my skills as both an Artist and Supervisor. I had the pleasure of solving complex technical and artistic ideas with a team of highly skilled and professional colleagues. English is predominantly spoken throughout the studio and thanks to efficient production staff the language barrier is kept to a very minimum.   I found the pace of work at the studio to be just right and this was made easier by the fact that there is a noticeably friendly and social working atmosphere which feels native to the company. “


Julia Neighly

“Working at Pixomondo Beijing was one of the best experiences of my life. I have never worked with a more fun, inclusive group of people than the ones in Beijing. They were really concerned that I had a positive time both at and after work.

  • Do I need to speak Mandarin to work at Pixomondo Beijing?

    Absolutely not. We are more like a small ‘United Nations’ here and we do have an English working environment. If you’re interested in learning Chinese, you are more than welcome to our weekly staff-operated Chinese lesson.

  • How bad is the air pollution?

    There are some good days and bad days. But we are seeing more and more blue with efforts from both the government and individuals. We can see the days in which our office purifiers will not have work anymore …coming soon.

  • How will I get to Beijing?

    Fly…in an airplane? Haha yes, it may occur “surprising” to you that Beijing and Shanghai are really connected to foreign lands! And we do not ride on horses as daily transportation anymore…

  • Where will I stay?

    We’ll arrange for your accommodation and cover your initial stay until you are settled. You will stay at a very comfy hotel room just 5 minutes to the office.

  • What are the working hours?

    Usually Monday to Friday from 9am – 6pm, like the rest of the world.

  • Can I use Google, Facebook and Youtube in China?

    Using VPN service is not a secret to get to the other side of the wall any more. But you will definitely find more to explore in the country rather than staying obsessed with social media.

  • Will my phone work in China?

    It would make more sense to just purchase a China-based SIM card for about 15 EUR. You can also choose to make international calls every day by using your old number.

  • How safe is Beijing?

    Extremely safe I would say. We don’t sell guns freely after all.