“Crazy Niche Equations”

Crazy Rich Asians VFX and Sound Integration

PXO’s VFX Supervisor Nhat Phong Tran breaks new ground to integrate VFX and Sound.


Sound designers play a big part in adding their magic to ours to make Visual Effects really convincing and stunning, and in Crazy Rich Asians, we had a chance to return the favor and help the sound team with a blueprint that would guarantee a real world feel in the mix.


When we discussed the fireworks we were going to make for the last shot of the movie, director Jon Chu and I talked about what the time delay would be for the fireworks bang to reach the camera. If the sound of the bang is placed at the same moment we see the firework explode – considering how far away they are – the audience would immediately sense that something is not right.


The VFX fireworks were simulated with geospatially correct distance to camera and set. Having got that geospatial data precise, we could derive secondary data for the soundwaves. We simulated an omni-directional progression of sound taking speed, air pressure and humidity into consideration and visualized that as spheres expanding. So in essence, every time the soundwave was predicted to reach the camera, we had a red dot appearing in the quicktime to indicate when we should hear the bang.


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Sound Propagation: Shot Camera


Sound Propagation: Top Camera View