STR Matte Painting

Stuttgart Environment Team. Our Environment team in Stuttgart is second to none! They excel at what they do: imagining and building complex environments. Creativity, a technical edge, and a fluidity between CG and Live-Action are what make this team unique. From the futuristic, fantastical worlds of The Shannara Chronicles to the historically-accurate cities of Live By Night, the team always has a story to tell through their artistic eyes. THILO EWERS ,VFX Supervisor. Thilo studied at the Institute of Animation and Visual Effects of the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, and his student diploma work earned numerous acknowledgements including the VES Student Award. Thilo joined the Pixomondo team in 2008 as a matte painter and compositor at the Stuttgart branch. He then spent three years at Pixomondo Los Angeles as Lead Environment Artist and later as Environment Supervisor. Thilo received an Emmy and VES Award for his environment supervision for season 2 of the award-winning HBO series Game of Thrones. As VFX Supervisor Thilo now oversees a crew of over 60 artists in Stuttgart. Matte painting is that thing that totally blows my mind in every movie. To me, it’s the most fascinating part of a show. ADAM FIGIELSKI, Environment Supervisor. Adam first joined the team in 2007 to become a matte painter on Pixomondo’s first feature film The Red Baron. And so his passion for digital environments had been awakened. Since then, Adam has worked on a variety of projects including Game of Thrones, 2012, Oblivion, Red Tails, and the Academy Award-winning movie Hugo. He is currently working as division Visual Effects Supervisor at the Stuttgart branch and has been involved with Bridge Of Spies, Wolf Totem, The Physician and Diplomatie. I like helping tell the story of a movie. Environment work to me has a good ratio of technical input and creative output. Even if you are just doing your first steps in the industry and don’t have years of experience yet, you can create impressive visuals. FELIX HAAS, Senior Matte Painter. Felix studied Communication Design and has honed his painting skills during several years working for games, commercials and feature film in Frankfurt, London and Stuttgart. He’s strong in conceptualizing key frames, landscapes and creatures and can bring his concepts to a fully detailed 2.5D matte painting. Besides many other projects he could prove his skills in movies and TV series like Oblivion, Fast & Furious 7 and The Shannara Chronicles. I love building worlds, ones that the audience can totally dive into. Creating a great establishing shot is just like opening that door for the audience to come in and explore. CLAUDIO PILIA, Matte Painter. Claudio finished his art education in 2014 in Berlin, where he enhanced his knowledge of drawing and painting. His digital art skills are completely self taught and with the combination of both he started to work on different independent projects, helping to visualize ideas and create worlds. With this background he started working as a matte painter at Pixomondo in February 2016 and is currently involved in projects such as Live by Night, Iron Sky and Fear of the Walking Dead.The team here is great. Everyday I learn something new from my fellows that helps me improve my skills and get new ideas. We push each other – in a good way!