Toronto FX Team

This is our Toronto FX team aka ”where all the VFX magic happens.” From water and fire to smoke and dust, our team has been one of our many big assets at Pixomondo. Although our team has their individual differences, skill sets, and backgrounds, when it comes to FX they can’t be more similar. TORONTO FX TEAM: Igor Ramade, Cristopher Barahas, Jinsung Kim, Bahador Mehrpouya, Daniel Vaz, Andrew Maynard, Michael Sun, Jeffy Matthew-Philip BAHADOR MEHRPOUYA is an FX Specialist at Pixomondo Toronto. Through his love for movies and cartoons, his journey into the industry began early in high school by studying traditional drawing and classical animation. After 9 years of studies, his interest in computers, mathematics, and artistic background made visual effects a perfect fit. Bahador has worked on both live-action and animated features such as Incredible Hulk and Gnomeo and Juliet. He also taught life-drawing classes for animation students and Advanced Houdini courses at Seneca College. JINSUNG KIM is an FX wizard at Pixomondo Toronto and began his professional career in early 2011. Jinsung spent over than 7 years studying Technical Illustration, Computer Animation and Visual Effects at Sheridan College. After working on children’s cartoons and animated feature films he decided to move into the live-action world. He joined Pixomondo in 2012 and since then has worked on numerous feature films and TV shows. Jinsung is currently the lead FX artist on the new Power Rangers movie and is designing the the look of the Power Ranger morph. “I grew up watching Power Rangers. It’s hard to believe that 20 years later I get to work on the movie”