Women in VFX


There is a visibly large gender gap in the world of VFX. While more women have begun to join the industry, there is still a disparity in female representation in leadership and management roles. From Executive Producers to VFX Supervisors and team leads, Pixomondo is proud to have a strong female presence leading its global team.


JONI JACOBSON — Executive Producer


Joni Jacobson is responsible for new business development and cultivating relationships with studio executives, directors, producers, and post production supervisors.


Joni brings considerable experience as an artist to her role at Pixomondo. Before moving into VFX producing, she was an accomplished compositing supervisor and artist on many major commercial, feature film and television projects. As an artist, she worked at many notable facilities including CIS Hollywood, Digital Domain, Sony Pictures Imageworks and Rhythm & Hues. She worked on advertising projects with directors Domenic Sena, Ridley Scott, Brian De Palma and David Fincher.


Joni moved into producing when she formed her own VFX company where she worked on films such as Zodiac, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Flight of the Phoenix, and Aviator. From there, she moved to ILM taking a job as Executive in Charge of Production/Marketing and then as Executive Producer at CafeFX, Santa Monica. At Pixomondo, where she has been for the last 7 years, she has been the executive producer on projects such as; Furious 7, Fantastic 4, Bridge of Spies, Oblivion, Marco Polo season 1 & 2, The Amazing Spiderman and Snow White and the Huntsman. She is currently executive producer on feature films in post production at Pixomondo including; Wonder Woman, xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, The Promise, Power Rangers, Live By Night and Fast & Furious 8.


“I come from a family of architects. I was drawn to visual effects because like architecture, it is a balance of art and engineering, but better pay, quicker projects and no building codes!


I’ve stayed in visual effects because the field is constantly changing and evolving and so has always remained interesting. My biggest pleasure in our business is working with the phenomenal talent, which gravitates, to it.”




Sabrina has worked on a variety of projects including Game of Thrones, Melancholia, Super 8, The Amazing Spider-Man, After Earth, and more. She initially joined the PIXOMONDO team in 2008 as a producer. In 2011 Sabrina became Executive Producer and COO for the Frankfurt branch, overseeing a team of 60 – 120 people.


Sabrina worked for PICTORION das werk prior to joining PIXOMONDO. During these 9 years, she able able to gain extensive vfx experience with commercial and feature film projects.


“I recently had a baby, and contrary to the popular belief, I’m still working as passionately as ever in VFX. I have been in the industry for a long time and in different roles~ we need more women in VFX! It just balances the industry.”


CINZIA WANG — Executive Producer


Cinzia had over a decade of experience in marketing and business development before she began her career in film industry in 2009 at PIXOMONDO Beijing.


While quickly learning professional industry knowledge, she established and developed PIXOMONDO business network around China. As business director and executive producer, Cinzia helped Beijing office to win a number of major Chinese projects, including Director Jiang Wen’s blockbuster Gone with the Bullets.


With her strong understanding and observation of Chinese market, PIXOMONDO Beijing has found an accurate market position and aims to keep its advantage in the future.


MUJIA LIAO — Mattepainting Supervisor


Mujia is a traditionally trained animator who has been in the industry since 2008. For the past 8 years she has worked on many different productions ranging from Fashion, Commercials, Animation, Games, TV and Film fulfilling various tasks before eventually settling down as a Digital Matte Painter and Concept Artist.


She is known for her work in titles such as The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, Fantastic Four, The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, Marco Polo and more.


Mujia is a driven, versatile and creative individual who adapts seamlessly to new environments and challenges. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. That’s how Mujia and her department describe her.


“I remember not so long ago in the year of 2009, I was chosen to be on a VFX reality Show because I was one of the very few female animators in the industry. We came a long away. Good food and cats are my thing!”




Nina is known for her work on large projects such as Furious 7, Oblivion, The Shannara Chronicles and Red Tails.


She earned her degree from University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart – Hochschule der Medien with a diploma in Medienwirtschaft (Media Economics).


In 2011 Nina joined PIXOMONDO as Junior VFX Producer, where she quickly rose to VFX Producer. Since joining the Stuttgart team she has worked on multiple feature films, television movies, and episodic content.


“The way I describe my job is that ‘we do everything that is too dangerous, and too expensive to do on set’ and I love every part of it!”




Throughout her career, Mihaela has held many roles including producer, compositing supervisor, visual effects division supervisor, and digital effects supervisor. Mihaela joined Pixomondo in April 2011 as division VFX Supervisor for Hugo, which won an Academy Award for Visual Effects. She was division VFX Supervisor for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, Oblivion, and Sleepy Hollow, as well as Digital Supervisor for The Amazing Spider-Man. In addition to project supervision, Mihaela is one of the facility managers for Pixomondo’s Toronto branch.


Mihaela holds a M.S. in Electronic and Telecommunications from Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania. We are very proud of having her on onboard as one of the few female VFX Supervisors in the industry.


“Being in VFX is not like having a profession – if you are passionate it is a lifestyle. Time has changed, but we still have a ways to go to strengthen female presence in the industry.”


TRICIA KIM — Matchmove Supervisor


As PIXOMONDO Toronto’s Division Matchmove Supervisor, Tricia Kim brings both passion and quality to every project she touches.


Tricia is known for her work on large projects such as Hugo, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Amazing Spider-Man, Oblivion, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, Fantastic 4 and The Huntsman: Winter’s War. She is currently working on Wonder Woman, Power Rangers and Triple X.


Tricia received a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and worked as a product designer at LG Electronics, being first designer to utilize CG modeling and rendering at the company.


Inspired by the beauty of underwater CG, Tricia changed industries and became a matchmove artist. Combining her past work experience and her new skills in VFX was a MATCH made in heaven!


“Successful people always have two things on their lips. Silence and a smile.”