• Facilities manager

  • Location:

  • Dates: ASAP

  • Minimum Requirements:

    • 2+ years of experience in a similar position 
    • Experience in the field of VFX is an asset  
    • Master the establishment and monitoring of budgets.  
    • Ability to manage subcontractors to get the best possible price and performance.  
    • Good interpersonal skills 
    • Bilingualism (French/English), read, spoken and written.  

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    Site operations and management 

    – Ensure the upkeep and routine maintenance of the facilities by developing, implementing and monitoring maintenance programs; 

    – Propose facility improvements (if any); 

    – Develops specifications/bids and submits them to management for approval; 

    – Propose and implement all corrective measures to meet regulatory or contractual obligations;  

    – Strictly enforce health and safety legislation; 

    – Implement and enforce the new realities to come based on the end of the pandemic. 


    Culture and employees  

    – Encourage and develop the corporate culture; 

    – Be the spokesperson for the culture; 

    – Ensure the well-being of employees on a daily basis (health and safety at work); 

    – Set up group events (5@7, group calls, etc.); 

    – Assist human resources during meetings, if necessary; 

    – Designing work spaces to make them welcoming and motivating for employees; 

    – Gathering the specific needs of the company’s employees in terms of work environment; 

    – Assist in the development of talent retention or attraction strategies; 

    Additional Requirements:

    • Must be eligible to work in Canada.
    • Please make sure your resume also includes your name, address, phone, and email.

Our Values

    PIXOMONDO is an international visual effects company with a global network of facilities. We are recruiting for various positions where we would like to welcome anyone with the right experience to work in a fresh and challenging environment

  • Good Judgement.

    You know what to do. And you know what you need to do now and what you can do later. You know if it needs a bandage or a cure. And you know what’s going to happen after you’re done with it.

  • Creativity and Curiosity.

    You understand the people you work with are as important as you, and believe that what’s good for the company and good for the project, are likely what’s good for you too. You listen to what other people are saying and understand it. You can communicate well with others in writing and in person because you know you’re not alone.

  • Courage, Passion, and Honesty.

    You don’t do something wrong simply because you “were told to” and aren’t afraid to speak up respectfully when it’s important. We want everything to be the best it can be, and you do too. You take risks and responsibility in proportional measure, and you’re reliable. When you say it’ll be done, it gets done, and when you said it would.