Porsche Macan | 3D Projection Mapping

Project Overview

For the worldwide introduction of the new Prosche Macan, a show with 3D projection mapping on the new vehicle was designed. The goal was to stimulate a jung target group with an experience they would not forget so quickly.

Production Overview

Division: Frankfurt

Creative Director: Alfredo Picardi Rockenbach

Technical Director: Oliver Herz

Art Directors: Waldemar Borth, Florian Dötsch

Motion Graphics: Debora Arp, Hannes Raff, Dino Muhic, Alexander Dückminor, David Bellenbaum

Editorial: Thilo Becker



The show was realized with the agency Kemper Kommunikation that went on tour and fascinated Porsche enthusiasts all over the world. Showing typical design elements and mixing them with an urban lifestyle.