Adidas | Original EQT

Project Overview

Client: Adidas

Agency: Amber Communications

Team Size: 5 Artists

Main Disciplines: Shooting / Motion Graphic Design / 3D Animation

Production Overview

Division: The Hype (Shanghai)

Executive Creative Director: Aslan Malik

Executive Producer: Ruben Kosman


The Hype Shanghai in collaboration with Amber Agency worked on four videos for the Adidas Original EQT campaign for online social media and H5 release. Amber Communications developed an H5 page for Chinese social media platform wechat and online. The Hype managed the pre production, production and post-production of these 4 shootings with stills for local celebrities and talents; Eason, Lu Han, Yan Yubo and Wang Zhijun. The Hype was responsible for assisting on the creative direction / storytelling and post- content production in regard to the visualization.