Bird’s Nest Attraction Show

Project Overview

Team Size: 12 artists

Pixomondo was primarily responsible for the video development of three main scenes. Pixomondo combined modern visual effects with traditional culture to create the videos.

Production Overview

Division: Frankfurt, Beijing

Client: Bird’s Nest Event Management

Producer: Sharon Yuan, Christoph Zollinger

Executive Producer: Jan Heinze

Division Producers: Dominic Bitu, Nadine Chodan

Creative Director: Mario TranPhuc

Technical Director: Oliver Herz

Art Directors: Stefanie Fritzel, Waldemar Borth


The Birds Nest Attraction Show was the first art show in the renown Bird’s Nest Stadium. It merged traditional performance with advanced digital effects, bringing the ultimate visual experience to the audiences. The show adopted a variety of performance forms to tell a touching love story that transcends time and space. To achieve the best quality and resolution for the show, artists from PIXOMONDO were committed to quality details in the video from tiny blades of grass and leaves to huge mountains. In the climax of this show, hundred of birds return home and all the nature comes back to life. Artists researched and paid attention to bird anatomy including body shape, feather color and flying positions. The team also dedicated a lot of time and effort to match the music, rhythm and stage performance to provide an extremely fantastic visual feast to the audience. The Birds Nest Attraction Show took place at the Birds Nest Stadium from September 12, 2014 to October 3, 2014. With a total of 22 shows and more than than 200,000 attendees, the show had high praise from both the audiences and media.