BMW | IAA 2013

Project Overview

Client: BMW

Production Overview

Division: Los Angeles

Show Director: Eva Wolf


Focusing around the central theme, “infinite driving pleasure,“ creative studio Pixomondo and creative agency Wolf Production designed, conceived and developed the entire media show for BMW’s 65th International Motor Show in Frankfurt/Main 2013.


The media-wall measured almost 1000 square meters and stretched over the entire pavilion alongside a specially-constructed driveway. The wall featured two live shows with live-to-screen interaction. It also displayed over 30 minutes of life-sized cgi landscape and city animations which served as an interactive backdrop for the “permanently“ driving cars inside the pavilion. The Highlight of the BMWi “born electric“ area was a giant interactive screen developed together with NSYNC Berlin. The screen was completely programmed in V4 which made accessible, in an entertaining way, the broad and complex theme of the BMWi services and technology. The project, including the pitch phase, stretched over a year. It was developed among three studios in Germany and with an average team of over 30 artists and producers.