Project Overview

Pixomondo’s Beijing team spent two weeks on set and 11 weeks on post-production.

Production Overview

Division: Beijing

Director: Han Han


The film tells the story about the reconciliation between a father and his son. Ah Lang, a youth from a small town, thinks that his father Ah Zheng never understood his occupation and life. In a fateful occurrence, he is able to experience his father’s legendary and interesting life in the past.


In it’s review of Duckweed on Feb. 7, 2017, Variety called Han Han “China’s most popular blogger, literary rebel and professional rally driver (who) has been hailed the definitive voice of his generation. Like his debut feature (“The Continent”) autobiographical elements are infused into themes of travel, nonconformism and male-bonding.”


Variety also singled out the scene depicted in this Making-Of video, writing that “Han’s improved skill as a director can be seen in his execution of two driving sequences….and a bravura slow motion shot of Lang’s car colliding sideways with a speeding train.”