不可思异 | Impossible

Production Overview

Division: Los Angeles

VFX Supervisor/ Animation Director: Daniel Jeannette

COO & Executive Producer: Jan Heinze /寒洋


On December 2015, Director Sun Zhou’s Impossible, the first Chinese sci-fi film, went onto the big screen after three years of hard work. Pixomondo’s Beijing facility took leadership of the VFX design and VFX production. This included extended design and character development of the alien ball, the liquid universe, wormhole, light tornado, frozen time, monster transformations. Pixomondo created concept designs for over 20 scenes and produced complex VFX shots. PIXOMONDO has again delivered great work for Chinese directors, business partners and the Chinese film market, with a powerful and happy ending for 2015.




VFX Supervisor/ Animation Director: Daniel Jeannette
Daniel J“PIXO has officially been involved in this project since November 2013. It’s been two years of creative work between an average of 180 local and international artists. It was a very deep collaboration where we acted like a partner, rather than just creating VFX shots.

The main challenge with the alien ball was to try and convey emotions with something that doesn’t have a mouth, that doesn’t really have pupils in his eyes, that doesn’t walk, that doesn’t have arms, but yet has to move and evolve in our world.

The relationship with director Sun was actually one of the most exciting part of this project. I don’t speak Chinese so it’s always going through interpreters who are telling each one of us what each other is saying. But when we started to brainstorm ideas and concepts, we always found this kind of synchronicity, that really helped on what needed to be done.”





COO & Executive Producer: Jan Heinze /寒洋
Jan HeinzeThe producer of the movie “Impossible” initially approached us over 2 years ago with original drawings and concept art. It is a VFX artist’s dream to transform a concept from paper into a living, breathing character that is able to communicate and inspire emotions from the audience. Our team really enjoyed ourselves in working on the concept and style designs. Each design had to support director’s vision, help narrative and storytelling, and maintain logic and reason.

Pixomondo’s involvement in this project was different from what traditional VFX companies have done before. Our role through the production of the film was similar to a creative partner. In addition to successfully delivering difficult and complex VFX shots, we also provided creative solutions, creative guidance, and assisted the production company in leading other VFX vendors. After working on this project, Pixomondo has cemented it’s position in Chinese film market as a creative partner, which is also the brand value we are trying to pursue.

What we experienced in “Impossible” couldn’t be more impressive and breathtaking. It was full of challenges and complexity – an incredibly valuable experience. What I want to celebrate is not just the high quality represented in Impossible which is very close to the Hollywood standard. Even though the film market is still in its early stage and the VFX budgets are only a tenth compared to Hollywood films, we were able to deliver very original and high quality international work for our clients. This makes me proud and gives me the courage to say ,”We started in Germany and the US, but we are committed to localize and set roots here in China to progress together with Chinese filmmakers.”


PIXOMONDO在这个项目中所担任的角色, 不同于传统特效公司所做的工作。我们更是创意开发的伙伴,站在电影的高度,提供创意方案和创作探讨,协助规划特效预算,协助片方给予其他特效公司创意指导,再把难度高的特效内容漂亮地做出来。这个项目后,PIXOMONDO进一步巩固了我们要做中国电影人创意合作伙伴这一定位,而这也正是我们所追求的品牌价值。

《不可思异》的项目经验,可以说是一次荡气回肠 的体验,充满复杂性和挑战,但也更是非常宝贵的经验。 我想庆祝的并非是《不可思异》的无限接近好莱坞品质的特效水准,而是在中国市场初期,仍未规范的电影工业环境下,并且特效预算仅有好莱坞特效预算的十分之一的 条件下,大家仍然做出极具原创性, 拥有国际品质的作品,这是我觉得非常难得并自豪的。这让我有勇气说“我们来自德国和美国,但我们能够本土化,扎根这里与中国电影人共同进步。”