Ingdan | The Greatest Gift

Project Overview

Pixomondo created a 2:30 minute concept video for Ingdan, a one-stop supply chain centre for online-to-offline services, linking entrepreneurs with the right suppliers and supporting them from inception through to fruition.


Production Overview

Division: The Hype (Shanghai)

Executive Producer: Ruben Kosman

Executive Creative Director / Lead MGFX: Aslan Malik

MGFX / 3D: Shanghai Commercial Team



Goodstein and Director Georg Warga created the concept behind this production. Pixomondo “The Hype” took part in realising the director’s ideas by producing the live action shooting and supervising the entire post-production process with Executive Creative Director Aslan Malik. The video was released with the message that Ingdan helps startups find partners to help create their smart hardware ideas. The goal was to create a concept that matches this image by creating a possible scenario set in the distant future of smart hardware.