Lufthansa A380 | Web Special

Project Overview

The Lufthansa Passenger Briefing is the first collaboration that Pixomondo Frankfurt worked on for Lufthansa with the agency Scholz und Volkmer.

Production Overview

Division: Frankfurt


One of the main goals was to achieve a film that reflects the authentic premium class feel that comes with a brand like Lufthansa. The airplane model shown first in the briefing, the A 380, had not been built yet for Lufthansa when we started working on the project. It was wonderful seeing the client’s excitement to see their new plane actually for the first time when we built it in 3D.


Most importantly, it was mandatory to stay true to the actual plane. We worked very closely with concepts, pictures and countless details to picture the reality that customers would later experience. Following this principle, the flight personnel shown in the film are authentic Lufthansa staff, shot on the green screen in Frankfurt.


After research and various concepts, we decided to create digital characters for the briefing scenes to be able to easily adapt to changes in flight models and laws regarding the safety on board. The digitally created customers were designed and motion captured.


In total, the Frankfurt crew worked 6 months to finalize the film. Since then, it has been shown in seven languages on board of Lufthansa flights. It has been a wonderful experience to work with Scholz and Volkmer and Lufthansa on this film, establishing a continuing working relationship.