Mercedes-Benz | New S-Class Launch

Project Overview

Client: Mercedes-Benz China

Production Overview

Division: The Hype (Shanghai)

Executive Producer: Jan Heinze

Producer: Iva Modrah

Art Director: Aslan Malik

Lead MGFX: Jiang Jun JJ

Technical Director / Editor: Nelson Quan

MGFX / 3D: Beijing Commercial Crew

DOP: Rick Tullis

Team Size: 8 artists


Total of 10 min final video with combined animation and live action. The Pixomondo team worked on the massive video wall that included 12 custom made LEDs with a total resolution of 12K. All the visuals were perfectly synced with dozens of aerial performers, hundreds of dancers, the orchestra hidden behind the movable center screen of 40m, several celebrity singers, other solo musicians, and of course over 20 Mercedes-Benz models driving over the stage – some without the drivers.


Launch Event and live broadcast online and featured on many city and airport screens around China. On September 28 in Shanghai’s Mercedes-Benz Arena began the first in a series of events that launched the new S-Class in China. China is the biggest market for this luxurious car, for as it was pointed out during the evening, with more than 50% of all the S-Class being in China. This information well represented the scale and importance of this launch. Under the creative and passionate lead of worldwide famous show developer and media artist, Andree Verleger and his dedicated team, the very complex show became a success in an impossibly short time.