Production Overview

Division: Vancouver, Beijing


Pegasus is a film from Chinese filmmaker Han Han. It was released in China on Feb 5th, 2019


Director Han Han is very interested in seeing the look of full CG sequences in early stages, before shooting the shots before and after. In this case, Previz not only helps with shooting, but also the planning of the CG shots for post production to follow as well.


Director Han Han is a professional racer, and cares a great deal about the correctness of car parts, to the smallest detail. This has been the requirement even during the Previz stage. All the car assets need to simulate the actual Polo car used in shooting. Music also plays a big role in previzing for the film, as it enhances pacing, camera movement and storytelling. In this project, the Previz soundtrack was carefully picked together with the production crew, in order to give the right mood Han Han desired.

Additional Reel: