Urban Planet Pavillion | Shanghai World Expo

Production Overview

Division: Los Angeles

Team Size: 7 Artists


Commissioned by the Chinese Organization Committee of the Shanghai World Expo 2010, Triad Berlin designed one of the central theme pavilions with a total floor space of 12,000 square meters: the “Urban Planet.” This Expo pavilion addresses the complex processes of our planet’s urbanization and the global challenges that come along with it. At the highest point of the exhibition tour, visitors are offered a unique view of our planet: With its diameter of 30 meters and a projection surface of 900 square meters, the dome projection “Blue Planet” shapes up as the central media installation. The visitor experiences five spectacular metamorphoses of Earth’s visible sphere as well as the dynamics of change and adaption that go along with them. Earth is telling its own story. Triad was responsible for the whole media design, the technical concept, and the production of the projections. 4K projections were chosen as format, because their resolution is twice as high as that of the standard format for digital cinema projections.


Moving around the circular walkway, we look down on the massive projections below, showing the animated development of the Earth’s stages of natural evolution, during this organic and inspiring show. The project was developed by an international, interdisciplinary team put together by Triad Berlin. Architects, designers, media designers, scientists, and engineers as well as lighting and sound experts were involved in the work – in close coordination with Triad’s Shanghai office. The themed pavilion was constructed in cooperation with Shanghai Foremost Multimedia Co. Ltd.