The Wandering Earth

Project Overview

Pixomondo completed 216 shots (over 60% are category A shots), including over 50 full CG shots. The work ranges from full CG environments to heavy effects simulations with collapsing ice and collapsing frozen buildings.

Production Overview

Division: Stuttgart, Beijing

Visual Effects Supervisor: Samir Ansari

DFX Supervisor: Harry Lam Division

Visual Effects Supervisor: Adam Figielski

Visual Effects Producer: Iva Modrah

Visual Effects Executive Producer: Stella Li


In the movie, Shanghai has been encased in ice, the rescue team explore the area and then find themselves trapped in an ice canyon where they encounter an earthquake, finally escaping inside a transportation truck. The team later find a crashed cargo plane containing another truck which they use to drive to safety. These are the sequences that Pixomondo brought to life in The Wandering Earth, the successful blockbuster hit in early 2019.