Wanda Nanchang Movie Park, China

Project Overview

Client: The Wanda Group

The Jiangxi Experience is a series of stories that lead the visitor into the world of Jiangxi porcelain and culminates in the experience of the flying ride film. The story of Flying Over Jiangxi begins with the visitor’s introduction to Jiangxi’s famous Porcelains, which for over two thousand years have embodied the spirit of Jiangxi’s artists through their use of color, painterly delicacy, and refined firing techniques, making them some of the most highly prized porcelains in the world. Beginning their experience, the visitor moves into the first queue area, entering a giant kiln structure where they view an array of porcelains, displaying a range of painting styles. The visitors then move into and through the second queue where they find life-sized bronze sculptures of artists plying their craft, some standing, some sitting, some surrounded by their children. And, moving into the third queue area, the visitors pause at the sight of a twenty-five-foot high vase towering over them. The vase begins to rotate, as paint floats down from the ceiling above, flowing down the sides of the vase, creating a variety of patterns that showcase the elegance and beauty of the various styles of porcelain painting. Capturing the dreams of the porcelain artists, evoking a purely Chinese creative expression, was the stimulus in creating the subsequent animations, which are used to express nature, tell stories or just as pure decoration in organic patterns on the porcelains. The audio/visual system used to achieve these unique effects, sixteen something, something projectors built into the floor and surrounding walls, were designed by Pico Studios and provided by Wincomn Industries. And now, as we move to our pre-show room, we meet Tao-Tao, our little porcelain guide who, along with his four little porcelain animal buddies leads us through a showroom of classic porcelains while trying to herd his group as they clumsily make their way into their ride seats for a safety video.


Flying through the delicate colors of a porcelain plate, we discover the dream-like scenes of Jiangxi Province, which for hundreds of years have inspired its artists to re-create its vistas of blossoms, lakes, and wildlife on their world famous porcelain vases.