WANDA | Star Journey

Project Overview

The live-action scenes were shot on the China Film Group sound stages. This footage was composited and cut into various film scenes for the queuing areas, the pre-show and the main show. The ride vehicle features a large main screen which carries all of the projected action. It’s framed by two screens that display continuous images of the Pilot and Co-Pilot. All other elements were created in 3D CG for stereo projection. The sound effects and original score were created by Yessian Music.

Production Overview

Division: Los Angeles

Client: WANDA Entertainment Group


We, the visitors to the Shenzhou Space Station, are asked to board the Shenzhou DS-1 space cruiser. Accompanied by our two sister ships, we embark on a perilous mission to bring back the missing Discovery space probe, which has entered a Black Hole and crossed the Event Horizon. The Black Hole’s immense gravitational forces triggered a malfunction in Discovery’s navigational and communication systems and now it is lost somewhere in the heart of the JA100 dwarf spheroidal galaxy. We must pass through the Black Hole, and rescue Discovery before it is destroyed by natural or man-made forces. A journey through a black hole takes us into wondrous yet dangerous extraterrestrial worlds, as we try to rescue two pilots in a lost space probe. On our adventure we encounter deadly asteroids, colliding binary stars, alien planets of underwater monsters and an aerial battle for a floating city.