Zihua | Unbox Yourself

Project Overview

Client: Zihua Creative

Pixomondo’s partner, Goodstein crafted a nifty concept with an unconventional and inventive take on unboxing an individual’s creativity.

Production Overview

Division: Los Angeles

Team Size: 10 Artists

Director: Georg Warga



    • The most important idea of this project is to combine modern digital animation with traditional stop motion shooting, which meant that everything needed to be transferred seamlessly from a digital format into the real world. In order for the animation technique to work, every second frame of digital animation was printed out by 3D printer. Over 700 3D character models were processed during the project, along with several hundred individual blocks for 60 seconds of animation. All the character prints were well protected to ensure continuity in sequences. Some of the 3D prints had in extreme character poses. As a solution, practical rigs, green screen and compositing allowed the character to balance and leap through the air. With the entire team’s hard work on preparation, organization, coordination and all support from external printing facilities, the box-man was brought to life in a very short delivery time. The result was a one-minute short, merging the worlds of traditional stop-motion with the technology of modern digital animation to create a truly unique piece that expresses to the audience the creative idea to “unbox yourself.”