The Hype is Pixomondo‘s design boutique based in the heart of Shanghai. our team consists of an international group of visual artists from Asia, Europe, and the U.S.

The Hype is the passion project of COO & Executive Producer Jan Heinze and Executive Creative Director Aslan Malik.

Visual Art.

We go beyond our focus of moving pictures and motion design.

Our appetite for good design is constantly rewarding us and our artists with awards in Canne, The Academy, Emmies & The Art Directors Clubs. There are more to name that in the end none of that matters, although they do feel dandy.


This design thing is our time in the sun. we wake up, we create something of beauty and the screen fades to black. Then comes the next day and the next idea, until it all blurs together. so we change, build bigger obstacles to overcome until we get right here.

We want to pick the projects we can feel and transform design to the most intense form of individualism there is: ART. Simply put, we’re bringing back that loving feeling.

You can find us at The X Tower, Yejiazhai Road
No. 100, Building 1, Studio: West 258, PuTuo District, Shanghai, China


For Project Inquiries:

Echo Zhu

Executive Producer