Pixomondo's Realtime Department conceives and creates interactive products for an impressive range of well-known international and national companies. We apply cutting-edge technologies to create customized, immersive experiences like AR Apps, VR-Cinema experiences, multisensory motion rides, VR-Configurators and Mixed Reality installations. Our work on the ''Ocean Odyssey'' immersive technology experience for National Geographic was recognized with a VES Award nomination in 2017. The Realtime Department can rely on the support of Pixomondo's global VFX team of Academy, GRAMMY®, and Emmy® Award-winning artists to deliver high-end visual content for interactive solutions.
  • National Geographics Encounter: Ocean Odyssey

    Immersive experience

    Located in a multi-floor, 60,000 square foot facility in New York’s Times Square, Pixomondo together with SPE Partners, created a breathtaking, interactive underwater journey that took visitors to extraordinary places and immersed them in rarely witnessed moments in nature.
    The combination of prerendered CGI-Content and cutting-edge interactive technology was recognized with a VES Award nomination in 2017.

  • ZF Friedrichshafen AG

    7D multisensoric motion ride

    As the highlight exponat for the Automechnika Trade Fair Pixomondo created an Immersive VR multisensoric motion ride.
    The 360VR experience was screened in sync on 12 Samsung GearVR, through the use of hardware like pneumatic seats, fragrance- and water spray nozzles
    we integrated the user active into the product world of ZF and generate excitement and passion about the brand.

  • Accenture – Holocube Creator’s Workshop

    VR | HOLOCUBE interactive multiplayer game

    Together with the Agency and dos Santos, Berlin Pixomondo created a virtual Drawing and Guessing Game ‘ for the HTC Vive in interaction with a Holocube 3D projection platform. The user inside the VR experience can choose from multiple templates and draw in VR Space while users outside VR can see his progress as a 3D hologram and try to guess what he is drawing.
    Creative Agency: and dos Santos

  • Falken Motorsport

    VR App iOS | Android

    Pixomondo devised a 360 degree Mobile App for Falken Motorsport, which allowed users to view footage from within Falken’s own Porsche 911 GT3 R motor sportscar. The film was shot during the Nürburgring 24 Hours motor race. The footage included a spin around the Nürburgring as well as a pit-stop.


    Research and Development

    Playground to evaluate new Hardware, SDK`s, concepts and built prototypes…

  • PalaisPopualaire TimeMachine

    App iOS | Android

    AR App for Deutsche Bank showing the different historical stages of the Palais Populaire in Berlin from the 18th century through to the modern day. With the help of augmented reality, the user can explore past architecture and get additional information about the eventful history of the Palais Populaire.
    Creative Agency: and dos Santos

  • iSrv Research Project

    VR | AR | MR maintenance and training


    Research Project in Cooperation with Frauenhofer-Gesellschaft, Robert Bosch GmbH, Brückner Trockentechnik, the University of Stuttgart and other Partners for an intelligent solution system for the manufacturing industry. Pixomondo is responsible for the implementation of Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies for maintenance and training.

  • Vodafone – Virtual Shelf

    App Android


    The virtual shelf extends the shelf space in limited shop environments showing further offers in AR through the phone letting people interact and customize all the latest accessories.Creative Agency: and dos Santos

  • Ballavita

    cinematic narrative VR film | 360° stereoscopic 6K | XR Cinema


    A cinematic, stereoscopic VR-film directed by Gerda Leopold. Pixomondo created different 360 stereoscopic full CG-Environments.

    Awards: Venice Award for Best Virtual Reality, Venice Award for Best Virtual Reality Story (For Linear Content)

    Festivals: Biennale Cinema 2018, 75th Venice Film Festival, NEXT – Cannes 2018, IVRPA Tokyo 2018, Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata

    Director: Gerda Leopold | Production: Amilux Film

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