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February 5 – 6, 2016

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What Makes an Award-Winning Visual Effect?

Cinefex’s Graham Edwards interviewed a global panel of vfx experts, including our VFX Supervisor Randall Smith. Read some excerpts below:


In an age where seamlessly-integrated, photoreal effects are taken completely for granted, what constitutes a “good” visual effect?
In search of some answers, we asked an international panel of visual effects professionals this simple question:
‘How do you go about judging award-winning visual effects?’
It’s a question that could take us into some rocky territory. Luckily for us, Randall Smith, visual effects supervisor at Pixomondo, has sketched out a road map to help us on our way:
“I judge visual effects based on three criteria. First I’m looking for accuracy and photorealism — visuals so realistic that the viewer accepts what they are seeing, and their disbelief is momentarily suspended.
Secondly, I’m looking for pure, artistic expression. The best effects stand out when the artists aren’t held back by the limitations of a cost-effective solution, and instead aim towards new discoveries within their art.
Last — and most importantly — the measure of a great effect will always be its success in storytelling. It’s amazing that a Muppet, with a team of artist’s hands shoved up its backside, can create a compelling story with a huge range of emotion. In comparison, some of most expensive effects shots often fall flat, losing the narrative and thereby losing the viewer.”

How Much is Too Much?

One criticism frequently levelled at today’s effects-heavy tentpoles is that the sheer weight of visual imagery threatens to overload viewers’ senses and derail flimsy storylines. Randall Smith is as familiar with the trend as the rest of us:
“Much of what we see today is visual effects for the sake of visual effects, effects that are distracting the viewer, begging for attention.”

The Feelings of the Panel

Our panel of experts has discussed at length the myriad ways by which visual effects can be judged. However, perhaps the most useful insights they can give us are concerned not with what they think, but how they feel. So away with the commentary — let’s allow the emotions to speak for themselves:
“Once in a blue moon, you will find a visual effect that includes both extraordinary amounts of artistic vision and near-perfect realism. The moment may go overlooked by the audience, because it fades so completely into the story supporting it. These moments will be studied for years to come.”

Randall Smith, visual effects supervisor, Pixomondo

Be sure to check out the original article at Cinefex Blog!

Congratulations to the all winners at the 14th Annual VES Awards!

We are proud of our amazing Game of Thrones and Bridge of Spies teams for their nominations.

Outstanding Animated Performance in an Episode, Commercial, or Real-Time Project

Game of Thrones “Mother’s Mercy” – Wounded Drogon

Florian Friedmann
Jonathan Symmonds
Sven Skoczylas
Sebastian Lauer

Outstanding Compositing in a Photoreal Episode

Game of Thrones – Drogon Lair

Travis Nobles
Mark Spindler
Max Riess
Nadja Ding

Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature

Bridge of Spies

Sven Martin
Jennifer Meislohn
Charlie Noble
Sean Stranks
Gerd Nefzer

Themed Entertainment Division


David Garber

David Garber | Executive Producer Themed Entertainment

As Executive Producer of Themed Entertainment, David Garber has lead Pixomondo into the arena of large format films for immersive and ride experiences for entertainment centers and theme parks, in both the U.S. and China.

The recent opening of the Wanda Entertainment Center in Wuhan, China prominently featured two of Pixomondo’s most successful ride films: Star Journey, a motion based, simulator ride and Hubei in the Air, a domed screen, flying ride. In continuing Pixomondo’s relationship with the Wanda Group, Garber has brought two fully CG flying theater films into the Pixomondo pipeline: Soaring Over Longjiang in Harbin, China and Jiangxi Porcelain Dream in Nanchang, China.

Garber has led the design and production team at Pixomondo in the creation of original film content for Immersive Dome experiences for EMC World 2013, Nokia at SXSW, and EMC2, the execution of projection mapping installations for Microsoft, Nokia and the
proposed Linq Lumiere for Las Vegas, LED walls for Trip Advisor in Times Square; and the 3D pre-visualization experience for the Dubai World Expo 2020.

BJ Farmer

BJ Farmer | Head of Production Themed Entertainment

As Head of Production for Themed Entertainment, BJ Farmer has guided Pixomondo through the successful production and installation of the two most popular attractions at the new Wanda Entertainment center in Wuhan, China; Star Journey, a motion based, simulator ride and Hubei in the Air, a domed screen, flying ride.

BJ is currently overseeing the production of two fully CG flying theater films: Soaring Over Longjiang in Harbin, China and Jiangxi Porcelain Dream in Nanchang, China.

Prior to producing Themed Entertainment, BJ, as visual effects producer for feature films, produced the effects for Fast and Furious 6, Beautiful Creatures, Journey 2: Mysterious Island, the Academy Award nominee Snow White and the Huntsman, Fast and Furious 5 and Green Lantern.

The Shannara Chronicles

The Shannara Chronicles series premiere is fast approaching on January 5, 2016. PIXOMONDO is proud to work on this epic series based on the novels by Terry Brooks.

PIXOMONDO worked on Zheng Xu’s recent Chinese comedy film Lost in Hong Kong which has the “highest ever opening for a Chinese film” according to Deadline

Lost in Hong Kong is the third movie in the Lost in Journey series and is the sequel to the 2012 box-office hit Lost in Thailand (人再囧途之泰囧), which the highest grossing domestic film to date in China.

PIXOMONDO Frankfurt hosted an in-house event for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy focused on the topic of “Diversity at Work”

During the event, we explained how PIXOMONDO works with multiple time zones and with talent from all over the globe.