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PIXOMONDO Links Global Render Farm With Deadline

This interview with Thinkbox discusses how “By sharing render resources across facilities, Pixomondo maximizes efficiencies; its globally dispersed farm runs 24/7 thanks to a proprietary process built on top of Thinkbox Software’s Deadline, on which the company standardized in 2010.”

“Part of what influenced us to integrate Deadline so deeply is its open architecture and usage of the Python programming language. With the source code for application integration available, we can constantly tweak the software to our own specifications; it’s very extensible. Also, the Thinkbox crew has always been willing to grow with us and is quick to respond to our needs,” shared Patrick Wolf, Pixomondo’s Global Head of Pipeline.


Game of Thrones – Reviews on a Grand Scale

Cospective interviewed PIXOMONDO’s Sven Martin and Viktorija Ogureckaja about how we used cineSync to create the VFX for Game of Thrones.

“When working on the same project from different parts of the world like this, it’s important to be connected, and have everyone on the same page – or frame,” says Viktorija Ogureckaja, Visual Effects Producer at Pixomondo.

“With cineSync, the sessions have helped to make things so much more efficient. Even though there are hundreds of kilometers separating us from the Visual Effects Supervisor, Joe Bauer and the Visual Effects Producer, Steve Kullback, and we’re living in different time zones, being able to talk about the same material right in front of us – it makes it feel like they’re just a room away. The real-world measurements just don’t matter anymore.”

IAAPA 2015 Attractions Expo

Our Themed Entertainment Division is attending the IAAPA 2015 Attractions Expo in Orlando, Florida. This event began November 16 and both the Conference & Trade Show will run until November 20.

Meet with our team at IAAPA!

Themed Entertainment Division


David Garber

David Garber | Executive Producer Themed Entertainment

As Executive Producer of Themed Entertainment, David Garber has lead Pixomondo into the arena of large format films for immersive and ride experiences for entertainment centers and theme parks, in both the U.S. and China.

The recent opening of the Wanda Entertainment Center in Wuhan, China prominently featured two of Pixomondo’s most successful ride films: Star Journey, a motion based, simulator ride and Hubei in the Air, a domed screen, flying ride. In continuing Pixomondo’s relationship with the Wanda Group, Garber has brought two fully CG flying theater films into the Pixomondo pipeline: Soaring Over Longjiang in Harbin, China and Jiangxi Porcelain Dream in Nanchang, China.

Garber has led the design and production team at Pixomondo in the creation of original film content for Immersive Dome experiences for EMC World 2013, Nokia at SXSW, and EMC2, the execution of projection mapping installations for Microsoft, Nokia and the
proposed Linq Lumiere for Las Vegas, LED walls for Trip Advisor in Times Square; and the 3D pre-visualization experience for the Dubai World Expo 2020.

BJ Farmer

BJ Farmer | Head of Production Themed Entertainment

As Head of Production for Themed Entertainment, BJ Farmer has guided Pixomondo through the successful production and installation of the two most popular attractions at the new Wanda Entertainment center in Wuhan, China; Star Journey, a motion based, simulator ride and Hubei in the Air, a domed screen, flying ride.

BJ is currently overseeing the production of two fully CG flying theater films: Soaring Over Longjiang in Harbin, China and Jiangxi Porcelain Dream in Nanchang, China.

Prior to producing Themed Entertainment, BJ, as visual effects producer for feature films, produced the effects for Fast and Furious 6, Beautiful Creatures, Journey 2: Mysterious Island, the Academy Award nominee Snow White and the Huntsman, Fast and Furious 5 and Green Lantern.

The Shannara Chronicles

The Shannara Chronicles series premiere is fast approaching on January 5, 2016. PIXOMONDO is proud to work on this epic series based on the novels by Terry Brooks.

PIXOMONDO worked on Zheng Xu’s recent Chinese comedy film Lost in Hong Kong which has the “highest ever opening for a Chinese film” according to Deadline

Lost in Hong Kong is the third movie in the Lost in Journey series and is the sequel to the 2012 box-office hit Lost in Thailand (人再囧途之泰囧), which the highest grossing domestic film to date in China.

Visual Effects in China


Cinefex’s Graham Edwards interviewed our VFX Supervisor Wil Manning from PIXOMONDO Beijing about his experience on working in China.


So, what’s it like working as a VFX artist in one of the world’s fastest-growing motion picture markets? How does the nature and quality of Chinese visual effects work compare to what’s produced in the West? How do budgets and deadlines differ?

Eager to learn more about the state of the art in Chinese visual effects, Cinefex put these questions and more to Wil Manning, VFX supervisor at the Beijing branch of international visual effects company Pixomondo.

“Our Beijing branch has always been interested primarily in the local industry – we work on a lot of Chinese features – but we’ve also done plenty of work in commercials and international features. What we don’t tend to do is typical outsourcing work. In fact, on most features we’re sending out wire removals and extractions to other vendors, and instead trying to focus on building up our creative chops. We’re super-busy, and it’s amazingly exciting to be here working on these shows.”

PIXOMONDO Frankfurt hosted an in-house event for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy focused on the topic of “Diversity at Work”

During the event, we explained how PIXOMONDO works with multiple time zones and with talent from all over the globe.